Viešūrs mountain is located right next to the only lake in Latvia to have its own hills – Viešūrs or Kaķītis lake. The average depth of the lake is 5.2 meters, maximum depth - 35 meters, total area – 166 hectares, so everyone has a chance to find their place full of fish. The lake has two islands – and, of course, the lake is full of various fish – carps, pikes, perches, breams, roaches, burbots, tenches and many others, in addition, the lake is constantly being replenished and since the lake is looked after – everything is natural. Recently the lake was replenished with chars and trouts.

Licensed fishing in lake Viešūrs (Kaķītis) begins on May 1st and fishing licenses for the spring-autumn season can be purchased at the lake or the boat base “Stirnas” by calling +37128656198

WE can guarantee that with the right attitude and tools – no one will remain without a catch!
Catch your trophy!


Licensed fishing license prices for the spring-autumn season of 2017

  • Full price on day license: 7.00 EUR
  • Discounted one day license: 3.50
    (For children under 16 or people over 65 – proving the age with a valid ID or document)
  • Politically repressed persons, disabled and coastal landowners of Viešūrs (declared place of residence in Arona and Vestiena parishes): Free of charge 


We also offer high quality fishing and recreation boat rental:

  • PELLA boat (4 seats): 11.00 EUR
  • EGO boat (3 seats): 10 EUR
  • SAMS boat (2 places): 9.00 EUR
  • One hour boat ride: 4.00 EUR


For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the lake and a lengthy stay outdoors we offer:

  • Place for a tent (a person): 3.00 EUR
  • Fireplace: 2.00 EUR
  • Firewood: 1.50 EUR
  • Parking (if not using any boat base services): 3.00 EUR


For more information, please call: +371 28656198