Viešūrs Mountain – Various Recreation in One Place

Hello! Due to the current situation of Covid-19 in the country, the guest house, Viešūra Hill, cross-country track and skating rink will not be available in this winter season of 2020/2021!

Come to us and enjoy – an outstanding ski mountain, ice skating-rink, woodland track, but when you’re tired, you can refresh yourself in a cafe. Anglers will enjoy lake Viešūrs, but young and old will enjoy horse riding – both on horseback and in sleigh. If you didn’t have enough time to enjoy it all – you can stay in our cosy guesthouse and continue with the fun the next day.

You can come to us to meditate alone, enjoy romance for two, have the best and most fun family holidays, as well as have fun and relax with your friends.

Leisure complex Viešurs mountain is located in a place where, you could say, you have the whole Latvia by your feet! Only at our place you will be able to enjoy the wildlife, modern recreation and the attention of experienced staff. Here everything is in harmony, which is why you will enjoy every moment that you spend with us. And yes, just next to us, less than one km, is the Gaiziņš mountain, but between the Viešurs and the Gaiziņš mountain is located lake Viešurs, which, according to an old Latvian legend, would be impossible to fill even if Gaiziņš mountain was dug up...

Lake Viešūrs (Kaķītis) is the tenth deepest lake in Latvia and the deepest that is raised so up to the sky. Just a few centuries younger than the oldest mountain in Latvia – Gaiziņš mountain, which according to knowledgeable people is about 16 thousand years old. It is the only lake that has hills, highlands, ravines and wonderful springs under the water. Some of the hilltops are close to the level of the lake, but some – only three or four metres in deep.

Already in the last century a map of lake beds with 44 hills and four highlands was created. Lake Viešūrs is the most mysterious and has been scientifically less studied. Viešūrs and its surroundings is rich in legends. Some say, that alongside people the Devil himself used to come here. Four rocks represent his footprints – two at the bank of the lake, two a little further. Thunder locked the Devil inside one of these rocks. Now it is called the Devil’s Coffin, because it looks like one. Velnupīte and Velna Ditch is also located there.