Skiing Mountain

Hello! Due to the current situation of Covid-19 in the country, the guest house, Viešūra Hill, cross-country track and skating rink will not be available in this winter season of 2020/2021!

There are a lot of different skiing mountains in Latvia. Higher and flatter, with pink ski lifts and blue skis in the rental, closer and further away from your home… However, Viešūrs mountain has something that no other mountain not only in Latvia, but in the whole world, has – we have special snow, which is the whitest, most sparkly and most appropriate for skiing, as well as it is saturated with the special atmosphere of Viešūrs mountain. Also, we use the best snow creation and maintenance techniques, that are environmentally friendly and eliminates the effect of artificial snow.

If you are not interested in skiing or you have never tried it – simply come to us – and we are confident that both the environment and our instructors, and the overall atmosphere will create the desire to put some skis on (no worries if you don’t own skis, we offer the world’s best brand ski equipment rental at very attractive prices) and after all of this – you will love it. We offer a number of downhill ski slopes – from 100m for children and beginners, up to 400m, which is suitable for those skiers who like longer continuous skiing.

You will be able to enjoy:
1. Particularly extreme Border Cross track, intended to perform trick and for professional training, but available to everyone;
2. The steep 200m slope, which will ensure that the wind will whistle past your ears;
3. The lengthy and long 400m slope – a slow slope downhill you can enjoy;
4. The combined 350m slope – mix of adrenaline and calm;
5. Children’s 100m slope, which might seem quite a long and thrilling slope for your offspring, as it is equipped with different animal figures and ribbon lift.
6. Novice 200m slope, which is the most flat and is operated by a combination of a children’s lift and a 100m long novice conveyor belt lift especially designed for novices.

Taking into account that currently snowboarding and doing tricks with the snowboard is getting more popular – we offer a snowboarding track or park, which is equipped with multiple platforms in a row, each have several jumps. At the end of the trampolines is an impressive Air Bag. In the middle of the track is the biggest 8m jump with a separate take-off run, however, at the very edge of the park there is a long border cross type slope. The total length of the park is 250m. As we mentioned above – we offer all kinds of world’s leading brand ski and snowboarding equipment rental.

We offer all kinds of world’s leading brand ski and snowboard equipment rental.

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